Medium sized ornamental pond. Planting designed by a specialist!
Pond cleaned, external filtration equipment serviced, heron defence installed. The water will be clear within 24Hrs of the completion of this project.
8 weeks on from the completion of the pond overhaul and refresh. Plants potted up/grown in our own blend aquatic compost.
Large ornamental pond with serious construction, level and aesthetic issues.
If you look at the end towards the waterfall you can see the difference in foundation levels and the quality of the paving laying.
All surrounding paving lifted, a new level foundation constructed and liner adjusted to remove the rucks.
New paving laid around the whole pond to give it a cohesive look. Original waterfall incorporated.
All planting refreshed, overflow added at a designed low point to supply the bog garden area with water.
Believe it of not, this is a blended in preformed waterfall, no leaks here!
A corner stone monolith water feature with too many stones! We needed some assistance to get one out.
Less is more in my book; a simpler design lets the stones stand out as individual features to be seen.
Water feature re-plumbed, cleaned, adjusted and re-planted. the stones now compliment the flintwork in the wall not overpower it!
A shallow concrete pond with cracks, built to the uneven ground levels of the landscape. Meaning that in some areas, over 6" of concrete shoulder were exposed.
Pond cleaned, cracks exposed, pond concrete cut level, a backfill foundation laid to support new paving to be laid, centre island cut level and built up where low.
Pond fiberglassed, all margins paved in York stone and pointed. In pond planting beds built out of local Horsham stone to co-ordinate with the paving and infilled with our special blend of aquatic planting compost. Centre plating bed dug over and enriched.
In pond planting beds planted with a mixture of moisture loving and true aquatic plants to provide colour and texture throughout the year. Heathers transferred from a nearby bed to the centre planting area.
The pond from a different angle.
Now that's what we call level!

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